Choosing the best brand and operator

One of the main activities of the company is to attract international operators to manage apartment hotels in Russia. The apartment market is one of the most dynamically developing segments of the real estate market.

The involvement of an international operator in the construction of an apartment hotel will allow you to create a world -class project in a short time and get a strong competitive advantage when selling apartments.

Depending on the class of a particular project and its location, when attracting a brand to an apartment project, we can talk about a 10-15% increase in the cost of sales compared to similar projects in a similar location.

The cost of “interaction with the operator” depends on the requirements of a particular operator and the chosen form of interaction with it.

Representing the interests of international operators of apartment hotels , we offer to analyze the goals of the developer, the features of the project and its key audience , and based on the information received, choose the most optimal brand and provide support for its attraction.